How Can You Decrease Drawing Errors and Delays? Discover the Benefits of the 3D Master Concept

3D Master

With increasing pressure on organizations to stay competitive, it’s important to continue to drive innovation. If you’re stuck working in a 2D design environment, you’ve likely encountered misunderstandings and ambiguities that have led to costly delays and even the construction of bad parts. If you’re ready for a new way to work, consider the 3D master concept.
The latest generation of solid modeling systems has several advantages:

• Eliminates the need for drawings by making the insertion of dimensions, geometry design, tolerancing, annotations, and parts lists directly into the solid model possible.
• Allows for easy creation of associative 3D tolerance specifications and annotations.
• Enables sharing with people across the value chain, resulting in improved decision-making.
• Provides considerable savings in re-use of product definition information in future versions of products.

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