Mechanical Design Engineering

With rising costs and margin pressure across industries – Manufacturing companies look beyond their shores to optimize their Product Engineering and R&D services to shorten their product development time and get an early edge in the competitive business ecosystem. At Digital Manufacturing Solutions (DMS), we understand the importance of innovating and customizing the existing products of our customers in the minimum possible time-frame.

DMS offers advanced Mechanical Engineering services to customers that help them in developing complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce their time-to-market and help them penetrate early and deep into the existing and emerging markets.

DMS’s capabilities in providing solutions throughout the product development life cycle from Conceptual Design, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Design, CAD modeling, Detailing, and Manufacturing makes DMS a unique one-stop solutions provider for Engineering Services. DMS also has expertise in implementation, maintenance and customization of PDM and PLM tools.

Some of the benefits are:
– 40% Reduction in time to market benefits
– Up to 50% Cost Savings
– Improved Product Design
– Improved Manufacturability
– Product Life-Cycle extension