On-Demand Seminar: How Can You Save Time on Drawings?

Discover a new way with 3D Master and CATIA Composer

Many companies find themselves suffering from errors and delays despite their investment in 3D. For the majority, 2D remains the master reference for product definition. This presents several business challenges, including quality, safety, and misinterpretation of drawings. 2D has inherent limitations, but 3D provides precise definition. Dassault Systemes has developed a solution to address these challenges called 3D Master, which provides companies with a single source of product information and compliance standards. 3D Master delivers the flexibility and simplicity to drive efficiency and innovation.

Companies adopting the model based definition approach have seen incredible returns on investment including:

• Reduced cost of changes by up to 90%
• Productivity increased by over 40%
• Drawing time reduced by 2/3rds

During this on-demand seminar you will see how the 3D Master approach in combination with CATIA Composer delivers benefits across all phases of the product development process and enhances your downstream deliverables.

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