Ergonomic Simulation

Ergonomic Simulation allows ergonomists, engineers and managers to visually view and modelhuman tasks, verify operations are to industry or corporate specifications, and ensure that safety, production efficiency and process cycle time parameters are met before investing in equipment or floor space.

Ergonomic simulation software is very useful for modeling and simulating human tasks in a 3D environment.  This enables us to perform task analyses like Energy Calculation, RULA, NIOSH, determine potential ergonomic issues and also test for alternate scenarios to optimize human work tasks.


– Design for Lean manufacturing
– Human task process conception, validation and optimization
– Cycle time validation and optimization(Time studies)
– Facilities planning
– Safety analysis and pre-install recommendations
– Maintenance Validation
– Design for Manufacturing
– Industry Standard Ergonomic Analysis – RULA, NIOSH, Energy Expenditure.
– Resource utilization studies