CATIA V5 PLM Express Knowledge Templates (PKE)


Lengthy engineering changes are often the cause of delays and increased production costs. Companies need to capitalize their know-how with built-in knowledge templates to save time and focus on innovation.

CATIA – Knowledge Templates enables the creation of intelligent design templates which embed geometry and know-how to reuse with maximum security.


• Increased ability to innovate by automating repetitive and tedious design tasks
• Reduced time for bidding and increases responsiveness to inevitable customer engineering changes during design and manufacturing
• Faster production ensures high quality development
• Reduced product complexity and lower overall product development costs
• Usage of user defined features enables management of IP protection between OEM and supplier chain while preserving industrial usage within the company


• Interactive creation of intelligent feature templates (user defined features)
• Interactive creation of intelligent part and assembly templates including geometry construction and design/engineering rules
• Adaptable to changes in design environments or in internal specifications
• Includes downstream documents (analysis, drawing or manufacturing) in part and assembly templates definition
• Catalogs storage for easy access
• Automatic sequence generation of user defined features or geometric elements


This option contains:

CATIA – Product Knowledge Template Definition 2
CATIA – Knowledge Advisor 2